Les Waller Update from late 2018 to August 2020

I see its been a long sabbatical since I added a post to Les Waller International website.

I got sidetracked by my Wallerdog Gaming YouTube channel, as I was making some good progress on that channel and was having fun while doing it.

Where have We Been?

At the end of 2018 we finished up with the whisky advent calendar; 24 different types of Scotch with each being 3cl.

We then put up the Best Beer in Germany for 2018; Köstritzer Schwartz (Black) Bier and the Top 5 Go To Whiskies for 2018. I then made a Les Waller blend of Scotch from the variety of Scotch that I did not finish from the advent calendar and if I say so myself, it turned out pretty good!

2019 January – June

My friend, Hughbert Jass and I decided to partner up and build a new YouTube Gaming channel called Brothers of Steel. So, I devoted most of my time and energy into that project for all of 2019.

In the first half of the year we did make a trip to Korea for our daughter’s Korean style wedding with our Korean side of the family. I made a couple of travel videos thinking they might do as well as my Barcalona Metro HowTo video.

2019 July – December

We went on a Blaser Gun Factory Tour here in Germany and that was very interesting to see and experience. I would really like to have one of their hunting rifles. We’ll have to wait and see. Near the end of the year I picked up a Christmas 2019 German Brewers Advent Calendar and explored 24 different German beers.

Before that happened, though, I became a grandfather. Wow! :-O My wife went over about a month ahead of our grandson being born to give our daughter a hand and then I followed up by going so I could be there for Christmas and New Year’s.

2020 January – June

Before heading home I helped out by putting up some shelves, pictures, and putting together some drawer inserts that our daughter got from Ikea. Of course, I recorded this all and put it up on the Les Waller YouTube channel.

One of the more interesting things I did for our grandson was to write his name in Chinese characters with an ink brush. That was quite the undertaking! Once again I was starting to get interested in building up the community on my Les Waller YouTube channel so I put up a video about a restaurant and a how to video for turning on the heat living in Germany.

I decided to change my video channel format by adding a “Come, have a drink with me and let’s chat!” live stream every Friday night from 2000-2200 local (Berlin) time. I did that for over 4 months!

Somewhere in there my wife’s mom passed away and the beer virus hit and that changed many things. I started making nature, forest, and fields relaxation videos because we would go out to the woods or fields for some nice walks to get out of the house.

I also started baking different types of breads and scones. Oh, and let’s not forget the Ikea style meatballs and gravy!

2020 July – August

A couple weeks ago after visiting the doctor to get my thyroid medication something he said to me about exercise being one of the most important things I should be doing really hit home. Well, I’ve been walking at least 30 minutes almost every day since then. Initially, I was just recording the walks then I decided to start live streaming them. I really like to live stream and talk to my community. However, I had to use my gaming channel and that is counter-productive to my gaming channel as I started to lose subscribers and it wasn’t helping out the Les Waller YouTube channel, either. Even though, I was downloading and putting it up there the day after the live stream. So, as of yesterday, I won’t be live streaming my walks anymore until I can do so on the Les Waller channel and that takes me having 1K subscribers before I can do that. We are only about 300 subscribers away from that goal. Won’t you help us out and subscribe to Les Waller International right now?

Where are We Going?

Great question! I’m glad you asked!

I will do my best to devote some time on each of my projects each week, so that none of them get neglected and they can all grow. I realize it is not the best way of doing things, but it is my way since I’m easily distracted after a few hours of doing the same thing. So, by putting some effort into each project I’m hoping I can really focus my energy on that one project while working it and then move onto the next project and focus my renewed energy there.

The question I’m asking myself is, “should I write posts that match the videos that I made over the past year or start from where I am now?” What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you will join me and this community as we move forward together in these uncertain times of 2020!


Les Waller