Top 5 Go To Scotch Whiskies 2018

I go through my top five go to Scotch Whiskies for 2018. Among the five are: Bowmore 12 YO, Highland Park 12 YO, Ardmore Legacy, Laphroaig 15 YO, & Lagavulin 16 YO.

Hey! Les Waller International here.

How you all doing?

So, first of all I want to give a shout out to Scotch Test Dummies.

I got to thinking about what I’ve been doing in 2018, even though it is now 2019 and what I could put up as far as videos and stuff like that goes I’ve decided to do my top 5 go to whiskies for 2018.

This is my top shelf, I’ve added Teachers Highland Cream just to make the shelf look fuller.

Normally my top shelf is for my top whiskies.

Let’s start at number five. Number five will be the Bowmore 12 year old.

I do like smokey whiskies, so that’s why you will find all of the five are in the smokey category.

So the Bowmore 12 year old here is #5!

For number four we will have Highland Park 12 year old.

This beats out Bowmore 12 year old really because this one has some nostalgia to it for me when I first started my Scotch journey.

One of the 1st smokey whiskies I tried because of Ralfy’s Whisky Reviews; check him out!

The Highland Park 12 year old, when I 1st tasted it almost felt like I had smoke on my tongue.

However, that being the case, now this is my second bottle of Highland Park and I’m not getting that on this one.

I don’t know if its because my tongue and I have become used to smokey whiskies or not. So, that is why amongst these, this is my #4!

Let’s go to number three! Ardmore Legacy

Now, even though this is my #3, this is it’s number three because of flavor and why is it my number three?

It’s very inexpensive, very easy to get, and it tastes good, it’s smooth even though it is a non-age statement whisky it is smooth and its delicious so, if you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it! it’s probably available just about anywhere you go, my #3!

Now! Comes number two!

Laphroaig 15 year old, right here!

Now, I’ve noticed on their web page that they don’t have a what they call a Laphroaig 15 year old anymore, now it’s like a Cairdeas.

I don’t know if its the same or not; I guess we’ll find out much later on.

So, this is my #2; smokey, peaty, medicinal flavor and taste. Absolutely, when I first tried a Laphroaig, I was like, “whoahh!”

What the hell is that?

Reminded me of having campho-phenique when having to put on cold sores on your tongue or whatever when I was a kid.

But, once I got used to the flavor, then I was like this is actually really grew like to liking it, so Laphroaig is my #2!

And, now ladies and gentlemen for my number one go to whisky…Lagavulin 16 year old.

this one also has some nostalgia behind it, the first time I tied it I was at a pretty expensive hotel for business and I asked what they had that was smokey and they offered this I paid like 30 dollars plus for the shot.

it was good enough the next night I came in and had another shot. which, of course, two shots at that price is about the price of a bottle.

so, I will always keep this on my shelf. and as you can see here, this is my 2nd bottle

now because it is a little bit more expensive at, what’s it like around $75 or something like that so I don’t drink it too often.

I don’t know why not. Why not???

It’s not that much, but anyway!

This is my #1!!!

There you have it folks!

My 5 go to whiskies for 2018.

I really can see depending on how many new whiskies I try but I can see that my number five and number four could easily be displaced from this shelf because I tried these the other day because I wanted to see which one come in which place and there just not doing it for me anymore.

So, I think there’s going to be others out there that will replace those five and four.

One, two, and three, boy that’s going to be, those are going to be tough to replace.

Let me know what you think of the video and let me know what your top 5 Scotch whiskies were for 2018 in the comments below.

And any other questions.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, you get more with Les!