What Are The Benefits of Celery Juice? Here Are 4 Benefits You Didn’t Know About

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Curious about the benefits of celery juice cleanse? You’re not alone. The murky green potion has exploded in popularity ever since Anthony William, the author of several New York Times best-selling books, nudged the public’s attention towards it.

The resulting fame has turned skeptics into believers. More and more people are now downing the celery juice by the glassful. Some of them claim that it cures acid reflux, digestive issues, and autoimmune disorders. Others posit a direct link between this detox drink and weight loss.

Are these claims valid? That’s precisely what I’m going to prove in this article. I’m going to draw a straight line between celery juice cleanse and the benefits its believers claim it provides. And I’ll give you proofs from reputable sources to prove my viewpoints. Read on to know more.

What Is Celery?

Celery is a low-calorie vegetable. It is a part of a family whose other popular members include carrots, parsley, parsnips, and celeriac. Its composition is 95% water, but the crunchy vegetable also has minerals and salts. One cup of celery contains 30% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin K as well.

Experts tell us that apigenin, one of the celery plants, has been a staple of traditional Chinese medicine since antiquity. It boasts antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties and may also have characteristics that can help it fight cancer.

Apigenin isn’t the only ingredient in celery that can combat cancer. A flavonoid called luteolin may do that as well. Research published in 2009 suggested that luteolin may induce cancer cells’ death and prevent them from spreading.

Benefits of Celery Juice Cleanse

Following are the benefits of celery juice cleanse:

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Experts tell us
that celery juice ‘extract,’ a fancy word for ‘cleanse’, does reduce blood pressure. The cited study also concluded that celery juice cleanse brings down artificially induced hypertension. Here’s why I’m a believer in this claim.

Celery juice is an excellent source of fiber. One 4-inch stalk of this vegetable contains about 0.1g of fiber. And various studies
have found out that people who have a daily high fiber intake have lower blood pressure than those who consume a low fiber diet.

corroborates this viewpoint. The leading source for trustworthy medical news pulls no punches in claiming that people who bulk up on fiber end up getting their blood pressure under control. That includes both the diastolic (the bottom) and systolic (the top) blood pressure.

2. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

At the cost of sounding technical, there are two types of cholesterol in our body. The first is the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and the second is the low-density lipoprotein (LDL). HDL is considered good cholesterol because it goes straight to the liver from where it can be easily removed.

That isn’t the case with LDL. It carries cholesterol directly to your arteries and may end up clogging them. This may happen when there’s a build-up of plaque. Over the long term, the continued build-up can cause stroke and even heart attack.

A Celery juice cleanse prevents this from happening. Innumerable studies have concluded that people who consume high-fiber diets – like celery juice – have lower LDL cholesterol than those who don’t. This, in turn, lowers the risk of a fatal heart-related disease.

3. Detox your liver

Do you know that your body has a built-in detox machine? It is known as the liver. And it is responsible for preventing the growth of healthy toxins in our body. But the liver doesn’t work alone. It only does the heavy lifting if you treat it right with healthy body weight and regular physical activity.

More than 68% of Americans don’t. That’s the percentage of US adults who are either overweight or obese. The weight that they have put up may jeopardize the ability of their liver to function as intended. Which is the reason why they could do with a celery juice cleanse.

That’s because this drink has detoxifying properties that help it remove viruses, fungi, mold and other toxins from the liver. The phytonutrients
found in its green stalks – which also end up making their way into the juice – will also help take care of your liver’s health.

4. Boost your gut

Immunity has become a turbo-charged word since the advent of COVID-19. Yet very few people know that one of the best ways to boost their immunity is to boost their gut. That’s even though several best-selling authors have written books
on how taking care of one’s gut can raise their immunity level.

What surprises me more is that very few people know that celery juice cleanse heals their gut. It does that thanks to its built-in HCL. Also, known as stomach acid, HCL is present in large amounts in celery juice. One cup of this detox drink contains about 215mgs of this salt.

Once you have downed celery juice on an empty stomach, it will repair the level of stomach acids in your body. This will help your body overcome several digestive issues and fully utilize all the essential nutrients from the food you’re eating. And that, in turn, will boost the health of your gut.


As the idea of celery juice cleanse has grown in fame, so has the number of people who claim that it’s nothing but a fad. These detractors don’t have bad intentions. They have been sold false hopes by so many wannabe ‘miracle foods’ that they can’t differentiate what is real from what isn’t.

Celery juice cleanse, as I’ve shown you, is real. It provides wide-ranging benefits, ranging from your liver’s detoxification to the boosting of your gut’s health. You can also count on it to lower your blood pressure and keep a bottom pressure on your bad cholesterol. What more can you ask for!

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